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Digital print

NEW Xerox iGen™ 150 Press digital printing machine

We have expanded our digital printing service portfolio by adding the top quality Xerox iGen™ 150 Press digital printing machine. The speed of printing is 150 A4 full-colour single-sided pages per minute while the maximum format for the medium is 660 x 364 mm. This means that up to three side-by-side A4 pages, two side-by-side A4 landscape pages and solid boards with flaps plus many other items can all be printed.

iGen 150 Press

What can we print for you?

In addition to standard printed materials such as leaflets, posters, invitation cards, calendars, manuals, books, catalogues, business cards and other promotional materials, we also offer top-quality photo items - photo books, photo pictures, etc. The Xerox iGen™ 150 can also imprint structured media at a top-quality level.

New Canon imagePRESS C7010VP!

We are the first in the Czech Republic to be able to offer you digital printing on new digital production machinery, the Canon imagePRESS C7010VP, which excels in terms of quality, productivity (achieving a printing speed of up to 70 full-colour A4 pages per minute), reliability and versatility.

imagePRESS C7010VP

Digital print

We offer you express and high-quality colour and monochromatic print of leaflets, posters, invitation cards, self-sticking labels, brochures, catalogues, calendars, business cards and other promotion materials at a low price with the possibility of personalization (numbering). We can also print on structured media without problems.

After printing your prints can be laminated, folded, perforated, stitched with V1 binding, glued with V2 binding or bound with plastic or metallic rings or thermal binding.

Xerox iGen™ 150 Press digital colour printing machine

The Xerox iGen™ 150 Press digital colour printing machine defines the new category of production printing solutions, where high print quality is achieved at a fast production speed and variability of materials. Key benefits of this printing machine are the option to print materials of sizes up to 660 x 364 mm, and a maximum printable area that is just a few millimetres smaller on each side - i.e. 658 x 362 mm. This means it is now possible to print those orders that could only previously be printed using off-set technology, i.e. an A4 leaflet folder with six pages (3 x A4 portrait one-by-one), size 2 x A4 landscape brochures and leaflets with one or more cuts, A4 boards with flaps, panoramic photos and other printed materials. The production speed of the machine is 3000 one-sided colour printed sheets at 660 x 364 mm per minute (i.e. 150 A4 sheets per minute). The quality of this machine is supported by xerographic technology with a print resolution of 2400 x 2400 DPI and a printing raster up to 250 LPI, which enables the printing of sharp text and detailed drawings of bitmap images. The Xerox iGen™ 150 Press uses matt toner to ensure that the printing is not overly glossy, particularly when printing applications requiring a matt finish and on uncoated or silky surfaces. The new method of combining toner with the automatic dosing developer ensures colour stability from the first to the last sheet, for each job. This is ensured, in addition to standard dosimeters, by the integrated spectrometer used to linearize and expand the profiling of the machine, calibrate direct colours and to check the colouring of the printing system. The press can print a whole series of materials with or without surface treatment, structured media, recycled papers, special materials – self-adhesive papers, self-adhesive foils, labels, perforated papers, distribution lists and transparent foils using a minimum weight of 60 g/m2 and a maximum weight of 350 g/m2. The special accessories used for imprinting structured materials means that any printing on these materials is brilliant and entirely problem free.


  • high print quality with high production speed and media variability
  • print speed: 3000 sheets 660 x 364 mm 4/0 per hour (150 A4 per minute), 4500 sheets A3 4/0 per hour, 8250 sheets A4 per hour
  • image quality: print resolution 2400 x 2400 DPI and print raster up to 250 LPI
  • paper format: minimum 178 x 178 mm, maximum 660 x 364 mm
  • image format: maximum printed area is 2 mm less than the size of the page (1 mm page margin)
  • weight of paper: uncoated: 60 g/m2 to 350 g/m2 (max. 500 µm thickness of material), coated: 90 g/m2 to 350 g/m2 (max 500 µm thickness of material)
  • imprinted material: coated, uncoated, textured, special materials, recycled, perforated, distribution lists, foils and wide variety of labels, DocuCard®, NeverTear, DuraPaper®, UltraMagnet, DocuMagnet
  • colour management: simple and fast creation of source and target ICC profiles, monitoring of system colourity, closed loop for checking the printing system with Inline Spectro-photometer, excelled gamut of CMYK dry toners
  • input capacity of up to 30,000 sheets
  • output capacity of up to 30,000 sheets

Digital colour production line - Canon imagePRESS C7010VP

A new generation of high print quality, very similar to offset on all media! the V-toner, with extremely fine particles measuring 5.5 microns which combines two different technologies (pulverisation and polymerisation), affords the widest possible colour depth ensuring rich and lively colours. the innovative Image Control technology allows printing at a resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi with 256 shades. the advanced Image Control System (ARCDAT) automatically performs detailed picture setting after each page processed. At the same time, the new colour density control system for the colour toner ensures optimal toner density. Gloss optimiser technology provides optimal printing results on all media - high gloss on chalky media and matte finish on ordinary media. Intelligent Registration Technology (IRT) ensures very precise registration from front to back and from side to side.

System properties:

  • media size from 182 x 182 mm to 330 x 487 mm, maximum print format 323 x 482 mm
  • media density 60 - 325 g/m2 for all types of supported media
  • doubled-sided printing up to 325 g/m2 from all paper feeders
  • print resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi, 256 shades of colour
  • pulverised V-toner facilitates use of wide gamut and oil-free fixatives and creates a smooth, fine surface
  • speed of 71.6 A4 pages per minute, a constant speed for all supported media due to Dual Fusing technology
  • air separation of media and suction feed from all paper feeders
  • active paper registration with the leading edge ensures constant location of the paper on entry to the machine
  • compensation of the size of the image on the back side eliminates the influence of temporary shrinkage of media after fixation of the front side
  • ARCDAT technology ensures automatic colour calibration in real time by measuring the colour density on samples on the imaging drum
  • possibility of printing variable data - personalising, numbering, bar codes, etc. - the whole document is printed, allowing for variable colour data

Foliant Taurus 530 SF Lamination machine

Description: compact lamination machine for making glossy, matte or structured lamination of printed paper
Formats: maximum folio format 530 x 740 mm
Performance: 2 800 TA/hr.
Paper density: 115-500 g/m2
Type of laminate: glossy, matte or structured

Finishing work

We have prepared for you a wide range of finishing work types. We offer grooving (necessary for folding of harder paper), perforation (to facilitate tearing off) and corner rounding. Besides the V1 (stitched) and V2 (glued) binding we can bind your prints with plastic or metallic rings, the TwinWare binding (calendar binding) or thermal binding in cardboard with front foil.

How to prepare master copies for print?

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