Too bad, she has a major role. Gomawo! This drama's dragging as... What I'm curious to know reading the comments from those claiming Goblin to be so different from typical Kdrama romcom or whatever is, what makes it different? THE OSTs ARE GREAT. Love the chemistry between the two leads and also I'm guessing there is going to be something the GR will also feel for the girl...atleast that's what the preview for ep 3 seemed like... I finished ep 16 4 hours ago and I'm still feeling like crying, nostalgic and lonely. I mean c'mon all of us have're lying if you say you haven't experience yet this "I don't see their chemistry" even once... sure there's some couple too that I'll like that others don't like but I don't hate them It's their opinion anyway ...I have mine and you have yours... plus I like KGE and GY as individual not as a love team...she's good at acting and he's good too... *bow down with that* but I'm so sorry I just can't feel them as a couple... Lonely Goblin Dec 11 2016 3:13 am vazdancer Mar 04 2017 9:03 am But then above all characters and relationship in this drama.. this bromance is the more complicated.. huhuhuhu! Kim Go Eun acting is really childish. They are hilarious. Characters enjoyable, believable, and likeable. ? Her acting skills are good but the chemistry between her & Gong Yoo is sooo effin ?. I don't know why i am feeling this way. When I watched Descendants of The Sun, oh my god, I couldn't glance off my eyes from the screen for even 1 second, because I really enjoyed seeing handsome and beautiful faces of the main characters, they showed perfect acting skill as well. That kiss! What will I do on Fridays now ?? And chemistry between goblin and bride, just awkward pair. Many reason to waching and loving this drama.... We need it. For example, when Kim shin saw the future of his bride. Let me explain each: 1. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Feb 12. Daisy Feb 05 2017 8:13 pm A very sad yet beautiful love story between the 2 couples. vanessa Dec 14 2016 9:50 am They are so different, but they have so much in common, and in the end, not even noticing that they approach each other, sincerely they start speaking with each other. The problem is her character is just too plain in terms of her personality. @shinelee- like I said I'm not familiar w/ GE, this is the first drama I'm seeing her. My daughter recommended this KDrama . lol... even many people love this drama but always got haters... zed Jan 01 2017 11:05 am I personally fell in love with this movie the first time my best friend told me about it to be honest I didn't think I would fall in love with this movie more than any movie I have ever watched I repeat an episode of this movie every week it is my number one favorite Korean drama please please make a season 2 of this movie I loved it to the Bone Plus the chemistry between the two is mind-blowing, ellz Mar 04 2017 8:52 pm He was too tired because life for so long. Kim Go Eun's character is a 19 year-old who is entering college but seems more like middle schooler. Great job! does anyone know what song they play during the opening credits? Do you think she'd do anything for Goblin for free considering how she's been acting since she found out by blowing out a candle, she can make him come anytime. if KGE with short hair,then i'm out! Furthermore, although Euntak did ask for free things at first, she stopped doing so on later episodes. me_nina Apr 24 2016 8:18 am Cinematography -Every scene was well-conceptualized and well-executed. I really enjoyed Gentleman Dignity, Fly High (even if I cry a lot) and now Goblin. This is the second time I’ve watched it and the emotions just poured straight out. Villian?? i am pervasive for their love. The acting, the filming and the music was amazing! peeps Jan 23 2017 10:09 am Rating is just a number. Maybe people has different priority over drama but for me, the story is the most important. I was just here if there was any spoilers or something. It raised my interest of Korea...Love Gong Yoo, Mr Grim, Yook Sung, and the lead female characters. But its good for the show it means, that the character is so effective. Why wasn't she mentioned in the cast line? Even the director and also the screenwriter are daebak!! I suggest all of you rewatch the episodes because there's key words/action/and certain traits each character has. Every plot twist, actor and actrees, OST Always make my days! XD Let's just accept each other's opinion, then. I started this drama to pass time while I waited for legend of the blue sea and I finished all the 4 episodes in one night. Tristan Dec 21 2016 3:22 pm well just wait and see. ive been 4 or something years sober, but here i am now lol. this is the best drama ever. I super love it when they hug..i feel so much love ???...Hahah!!! CANT WAIT FOR NOVEMBER! I lost interest w/ the awkward pairing & lack of chemistry between the leads midway so am just watching to see if Reaper & the other characters would even get a fair share of screen time. Go Soo-jung has passed away at the age 24. Jung Yu-mi!!! Her other k-dramas although not so great but i do respect the heroines. Shit!!! I cant stop crying and the ending is just soo... i cant describe it but its just sooo.. something (lol). I'm not used to post comment reviews and neither a super Kdrama fan but after watching this drama few days ago (I know I'm a year late coz I actually just found it on my hard drive), I can't help sharing my thoughts. The drama is so well writen, a sad scene will suddenly get you to burst out laughing. But seriously episode 13 is so good. ET could've been a minor supporting role that once she's served her purpose, that's it. I thought the same thing about Gream Reaper is The King in his previous life and Kim Sun is the queen. It's very specific drama, I like actors play, and scenario. Gong Yoo, you're the best! The conflict was such a waste as everything is resolve in only one episode ( i expect it to be bloody and more fighting war kinda scene ) but it just end up as PJW died and thats it ._. you'll never regret watching this drama. kpoplover Aug 31 2016 10:58 pm I can't believe its finally the end of my Goblin journey.. Yoo In Na was amazing as well, I loved the emotions each character portrayed, very beautiful and brought me to tears every single time. Kami sudah menerima laporan Anda. So, her running away from home is only her manipulative scheme to make kim shin worries about her and pick her up out of nowhere? Gong Yoo & Kim GoEun daebak???????? lauv Jan 06 2017 12:23 am Maybe it's the song you are searching, martha Dec 09 2016 3:59 pm Sushi roll Dec 11 2016 6:03 am far Apr 08 2018 1:27 am han Dec 07 2016 6:13 am tirashine Jan 27 2017 7:25 pm I think even if it had a full-on romance it would still have been good since the writer balanced the flow smoothly. Qf Dec 31 2016 10:38 pm Gong Yo truly makes a powerful Goblin. Love it!! It's not that hard. What is that? shes so beautiful as a queen. He's taken aback when he saw Eun Tak's smile. @Sloth If you watched all her movies, you would definantly take back your comment. Also, leave the romance 'cheesiness' to other cliched dramas hehe. Love the story, casts, osts❤❤❤ Is this Goryeo era drama??? The kind of drama which must be called a masterpiece ..From the characters to the story to the OSTs, everything is amusing .. Some people may feel unsatisfied with the ending, but I loved every minute of this and going to rewatch this since there's nothing else to watch. Yes I am a guy. Kim Sun) which that's why both of her and the grim reaper has a tangled relationship~ the ring is the evidence. For those have doubt to watch this drama, its never too late to remove that doubt. I salute everyone for an amazing show! whynot Dec 16 2016 11:08 am @hani_hani - yah, the bromance is probably the only thing holding this drama together since the main focus had been on Goblin - ET romance, the rest are just backdrops filling in screen time. mumu Dec 10 2016 8:37 am Gong Yoo will always be my Goblin !! alice Jan 15 2017 12:59 am Kiki Sep 04 2016 6:10 am SUPER LOVE THIS DRAMA! Really ship Kim Shin and 'Kim Woo Bin'. Grace Dec 02 2016 4:57 pm lee dong wook - yoo in na couple have fresh character @Kira - thought this was gonna be a dark fantasy w/ Gong Yoo esp after his performance in Train to Busan, he slays those kinda roles. I think chemistry is more about how professional they immersed to their role and being enjoy while interacting each other. Godhuli Dec 13 2016 3:06 pm quincebee Apr 21 2016 6:26 am Omg the grim reaper was the king!! I am utterly disappointed with this drama. I believe that this is one of the best drama of 2016! This one is my favorite. He is a person who lifes for 900 years, he looks "boring" because he is old-fashioned. The trailers looked promising, the title alone got me interested. Wahhhh great drama make me feel so so.... wowww. Really. Then both of them probably will move on to the afterlife after his bride completes her 4th life. I fell in love with this Drama and with its actors ( I didn't like the leading actor&actress in the beginning at all). And the story itself, makes their relationship reasonable. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na (Sunny and the Grim Reaper) were the highlight of this drama. He is a perfect cast for Kim Shin. and i mean, have you seen the people working on this drama? Before I forget if anyone knows any movie just like Goblin don't forget to beep me anio. BeautifulSwan Dec 29 2016 5:49 pm Ggone Dec 02 2016 9:30 pm dont know why I feel that Sunny and Grim Reaper's chemistry better, Blè Jan 14 2017 3:20 pm DAEBAK!!! The only scene that made me tear up in this series was the old couple who finally met when the old woman died. Does anyone know where I can buy the stuffed dolls from the drama??? I love the kiss at the end! And I love gong yoo, Unperfection 26 Dec 06 2016 9:22 am I'm not saying condone it but given this is a fictional drama, viewers, including parents have the brains & the freedom to make their own choices on what they believe & what they want to teach their kids. 2) Guest Role. If you haven't watched this, you should! This drama is getting much more attention than it deserves. Not feels bored staring at her for hours. I am just happy Korean dramas ar gradually leaving the status quo and trying out new stuff. Today, I've finished watching this kdrama. Sun hee Jan 10 2017 7:38 am Like they can't stand on their own. Jan 20-21 is a date!!! Daebakkk. It was damn annoying. I loooove Gong Yoo and the only scenes i watch him is when they're doing bromance with Grim Reaper who's also a hottie. Kim Shin becomes Dokkaebi (Goblin), possessing an immortal life. Kim so hyun is still young, she's great but she havent much experiences to her acting. Kinda confused about grim reaper. dong yoo and gong wook sarange * * keep up the good work.all the best to the entire cast, bidam Dec 04 2016 5:57 pm Then she met the goblin, suddenly she change 180 degree and i cannot accept that. I hope there will be more dramas like this in the future. I wonder after establishing a less than palatable character in ET, how the writer will redeem her. Jaes Dec 05 2016 1:52 am Actually i agree with people who said that they don't see the chemistry between both main leads because i felt the same, i'm sorry to say but i don't see their chemistry :( Btw i still enjoying this drama. This drama superb what i want to PROUDLY convey to everyone dramas like these are the reason why we actually start falling in love with korean dramas. anonymous Dec 14 2016 11:02 am Overall, its a 10! The other characters are perfect as well. And it's 80 minutes long .... perfect dose. This drama will make you cry, laugh and smile in the same episode.Personally, I still like Reply 1988 (and the other reply series dramas) better but congrats to Goblin for being TVN's highest rated drama. All the actors and actresses are amazing. The Goblin Bride could just well be a passing role & not a major role like how she'd show up later on to either help the Goblin become mortal again or he changes his mind or whatever. Cause & Effect, anyone? In all their interactions she avoids his left side and is shown on his right which makes me think she saw the sword and just did not bring it up. grex Sep 04 2016 8:55 am The camera work, dialogues, acting, pace everything was great! you might puke if you take it literally since it's abt a much older married man having the hots for a much younger girl. And for the record saying : I don't see their chemistry: doesn't always mean that we are criticizing the actors itself. It bothered me at first but now, not so much. 10 when Goblin and Grim Reaper walk through the tunnel bringing groceries? But how dare you all make mr lee dong wook being in supporter role ? Anyways, I'm going to watch this drama :), Goblin forever Dec 11 2016 3:05 pm Anyone can see why Yoo Si Jin would fall for Kang Mo Yeun. Kim Go-Eun is one of the best actresses! it's about people's tastes of their love and how the way Lord's match us. Key Feb 24 2017 10:25 am You know how long I've been waiting this good looking man to be back to dramaland, and yet you make me broken heart before it starts :( :( :(, Ashley Jul 27 2016 9:17 pm Really good drama. Hope you will watch it to see Kim So Hyun rock the historical-look again! Yoon Eun-Hye only!!!!!!!! Thankyou for creating this master piece! poor uri sungjaeee, he didnt get any love line. The writers/producers casted people who completely fit for the characters BUT the main female lead.. which is really sad lol. Whatever. i love this drama.i hope no one will be sidelined and it will maintain this momentum to the end.plssss dont get boring and soppy.bring out the funny, mary Dec 04 2016 6:18 pm One of the best korean dramas i have ever watched.. The director made the choice, deal with it. Kim So-Hyun!!! I wish I can ship gong yoo and Kim go eun to be a real couple, too bad Go Eun is taken :/.. Second of all - I don't really like love stories, which are so obvious at the very beggining, like ,,oh we are destined to be with each other, you are my bride, blabla" because it's nothing spontanious, suprising at all. i think that gong yoo and kim go eun are doing a great job in portraying their roles and they are actually cute together. Hana Jan 25 2017 6:48 am Helene Jan 22 2017 1:51 am Both are poor girl and will do anything for money. I knew its gonna be a great drama...and true enough, I hv watched 3 times of both episodes! For me, they nailed it. The story plot is impeccable! (Do you guys remember when she and the young Duk Hwa walk passing by, then she turn into a woman while Duk Hwa grow up older?) Daebak! Irene Jan 16 2017 2:52 am I really love this drama, It makes me cry, laugh and smile in the same episode. The only thing that has kept her together is her childishness. Lol. Elly Dec 29 2016 8:40 pm i literally like this drama. Diana Dec 12 2016 11:29 pm I'm glad that this drama is going to end and I'm glad I wouldn't have withdrawal symptoms .I'm hoping that there's another drama that will be better than this one. this is goat drama,none will come close. @Lil Momma: BTW about the viewers ratings, Goblin broadcasted in TV Cable Network, 13% for TV Cable Network is new record i believe. ?? you saw the weirdness in this drama with how characters like ET had been written and acted out to be. Watch,,Gong yoo is my favourite actor ever. love the goblin and grim reaper! I can feel the desperate pleading of Ji Eun Tak. This dramaaa is sooo goooddddddd, i love lee dong wook and gong yoo, joan Dec 06 2016 8:32 am No other actress and actor could possibly comes near to them in terms of acting ability and apart from also being a great ambassadors for korean dramas. liam Dec 04 2016 5:52 pm Kim Go Eun (Eun Tak) saranghae? ommoo! I am enjoying it, for me the character is very interesting and not at all childish, I was just trying to put a different point of view of the one presented on the comments before (rereading it now it may seem as if I was criticizing her, but my intention was quite the opposite actually..). Curious what's the next of story on eps 15 & 16 ,, can't wait! 2, 4-5) Guest Role. However, maybe someday I'll pick it back up and see if it gets more interesting :). Shin Oct 15 2016 4:54 am Thank you for allowing the world to share this amazing experience!! Cannot wait to see her with Kim Shin with romantic scene. Oh, and Gong Yoo. Love youu????????? And for few ones who does not find her pretty enough guess what she is well recognized for her acting and originality if she was concerned abt her face she probably knows Korea is famous for not only drama but also for plastic surgery. because when the king says "Kill his family" she was the first one that have been killed. Great fantasy drama. but what i don't understand is she can't see the ghost. zoe Dec 13 2016 1:06 am (IMO I honestly think this drama is over hyped and overrated). Keep up the great work! As far as dark fantasies go, writers aren't bound to just keeping it all heavy & dark throughout. Please..please. As for the drama 'Goblin' ,this is the best korean drama i have seen so far..everything was in place,i loved the way they explained it in the special along with the ad-libs and all..thank you for this great series... I can see many of us annoyed by eun tak's character, including me. Gong Yoo, you've chosen well this time, hope the next one would be with Yoon Eun Hye. Y'all are raving about the male actors and I'm here fangirling because of Kim Go Eun. Secret garden is definitely the only good k-drama that she has written, the rest are overrated (my opinion only). Go Soo Jung lahir pada 24 April 1995. And because the way she talk, all the lovey dovey scenes fells cheesy (maybe just me). Those who are so keen & passionate abt normalizing ET's behaviours let me ask you this: if your daughter, sister or niece comes up to you and say Seems like you're not like that so it's okay. And Duk Hwa live with the goblin and the grim reaper while the granny is the key of everything. Now if you don't connect with a drama please don't insult the hard work of the writer, director or actors and actresses cuz believe me it might look easy but its a really tough work and I bet you won't like if a customer or your colleague or boss called you incompetent when you are clearly doing a good job as said by others. tari Jan 22 2017 12:06 am I really enjoyed the trio of Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-Wook and Yook Sung-Jae (",) Do you want her to be a cute-bunny girl like every teenagers girls role in other dramas? So to the next viewers, I will be spoiling it. Its a very simple yet awesome Plot that made in both present time and historical time. So Hyun Dec 10 2016 9:14 am But untill now, i cant find them in any photoshoot together . when i thought that i'll never like kdrama again since dots, here i am, like this drama more than i like dots.. the story is so refreshing and unique..the characters are also so natural, like everyone has their funny side, childish side, witty side, pierce side, mature side, and so on.. and the chemistry between every character is superb.. euntak kimshin, wangyeo sunny, kimshin wangyeo, euntak wangyeo, kimshin dokhwa,wangyeo dokhwa, i cant decide which is my favorite.. i like them all.. tsuki Jan 09 2017 6:08 am I don't like this drama just like the other kim eun sook dramas. So, show some support and love. She just okay, no more. She's the victim of DotS. Duk hwa (Sungjae) saw her as a grandmother when he was still a student and she appeared as a young woman in his eyes when he turned into an adult. Scarlet hearts ending was enough heartache for me to last a lifetime! Plus Goblins and Reapers don't exist on the same realm, they have their own realms. i sincerely love this series. This drama is the best. i can’t imagine someone else play their roles in goblin, plus they’re only actors who played a script so the characters are absolute right to the writer. This Drama seems to have a good theme but I am afraid that the writer and the director will ruin it. Kim Eunsook is my role model she was amazing writer, I should meet her, and learn alot from her.. Ozzie Santagada Feb 27 2017 2:03 pm If she were managing the crappy things in her life on her own she would seem a lot stronger and resilient but as it is she's only doing okay because other people are helping her. and the plot is interesting SUPER WORTH IT TO WATCH I HOPE IT WILL EXTEND TO 20 episodes. also found a new love for yoo in-na .. she is so amazing and her expression are soo good. The ost song in this darama was awesome...but i only found 1..another songs was unknown. From my pov, this drama is a high quality art and not everyone understand it. The only person she truly loved was her mother and she was taken away from her. The Goblin is supposed to fall madly in love after 900 freakin years and I just don't think she is it. Will be re-watching it again and again :) Missing them already :(, ririn Jan 25 2017 9:36 am Love all in the goblin.. I can't argue that first 2 episodes were deabak, and I hoped for that from next episodes. This is a great drama, the story is going strong and the actors are giving it their all. Nhs18 Dec 07 2016 6:32 am Compared to the majority of youth of the present generation, she is trying to live her life best by working hard, studying hard and even having a part-time job. Songyonaah is sunbae actress, she said that "good job" to ji eun tak in goblin. That's why I said, enjoy the process. Really, all actors are very pretty, I think, they do an excellent job with their work, all actors of this TV-show are the best! S in the whole 60 odd mins run. This is the 21st century! xxxzzzxxx Dec 11 2016 5:29 am Also, the way the goblin and grim reaper fight is like how teenagers often do, but you love their bromance while hating on Euntak, which doesn't make sense to me. the funny things about this drama is that Gong Yoo and Dong Wook ahve more chemistry than the female lead... ship GR & Goblin, shin Dec 03 2016 3:38 pm It has really a different ploy than the other korean drama. my heart is broken, i thought that Goblin and his bride are the only ones who have a complicated story but this two too... i want them too to have a happy ending, and to forget those sad memory in the past... Deokwa i really love his character, his cuteness and being innocent about happening around him, he is the chill pill of this drama.. and i am amazed by the writer by keeping the viewers think about his character which is revealed in episode 12, i really wanna know what happen to him in his past life, why the deity always use him. drizzle Jan 03 2017 5:12 am Meenee Jan 14 2017 8:58 pm I cried a lot.. i love it but i feel the main actress is too childish for me to see the romance between her and the lead.hope her character will mature soon.good drama though...worth ur tym. Currently Goblin is being aired as rewind that has started Feb.1...the show is nearly coming to its end.It is my first time to watch this series as it was aired by my favorite tv station's arch rival which is Channel 2 of ABS-CBN...I am so reduced to tears by the story...i wish there will be a sequel /part 2...wherein GONG YOO & KIM GO EUN are happilly married witj children and of course the GRIM REAPER... Cherry Mar 06 2019 1:19 am I want more of kim shin and eun tak's love story!!! In fact, it was the opposite. Together, they are the best. Deok Hwa Rent the house to Wang Yeo because of Fairygod/womab in red. Everything else was just mediocre and bland. oppa !! ali Jan 16 2017 9:19 pm probably one of the best korean dramas ever made, shin Apr 01 2017 4:45 pm Haha @hani_hani never far away, Re7273 Jan 05 2017 7:00 am woori Dec 28 2016 1:51 pm Gail Song Mar 03 2017 4:14 am It has been quite a long journey for me as well as all the lovely kdrama fans out there ..who have gripped their seats ..cried out loud..laughed till we dropped ..and waited for our fav drama to air (every passing min is like thousand years passing by). However, this drama is again with a very new concept of life and death in Kdramas, just as "W". 왕여(王黎) ( Wang Yeu) Koryu King name, Mya Sara Dec 27 2016 9:34 pm The character's indecisiveness is dragging the story a lot. My moving on drama from scarlet heart. I don't remember any of this writer's work has sad ending. I would have loved for there to be a darker sense of humor and for the Goblin and Grim Reaper character to be more terrifying. How they make a part 2. she is the bride...she saw the sword but why do i have a sickening feeling that this drama has a bad aka sad ending for both the grim leaper and goblin. Im gonna watch it all over again. Seriously though such a good drama and I can't wait to watch more. someone who is getting annoyed Dec 05 2016 9:59 am Good acting Gong Yoo. Sana Dec 22 2016 3:36 am Can't wait for next week.. Tristan Dec 17 2016 2:52 pm Honestly one of the best dramas I've ever watched!!! (reply 1988 proves it) Dokkaebi Dec 28 2016 9:42 am @erenlent After all we all thibk she's the queen... cory Dec 20 2016 3:58 am I love this drama. A Great 2017 to look forward everyone! Kudos to the writer who never disappoints in her dramas, Dennis Jan 21 2017 5:00 pm I just wish this drama focused more on the GOBLIN's story - it'll be nice to see some action/suspense/murder and stuff. 2. ?do u get what am trying to say. Lee Ha Na please... Lotuss Apr 21 2016 7:38 pm I personally am very satisfied with the way it's all being portrayed, since from a long time Gong Yo managed to capture me with this look, this piercing look - watching you but not saying anything - that makes you unable to approach him. Can I just say how GoEun is shining in every role she is cast for ♥ and how her natural beauty is flawless ! I can't wait see the romance between the second couple. He became grim reaper as a punishment for killing those innocent people including the queen and the goblin. ( By the way, I think Kim Go Eun is very cute and pretty). @grim GOBLIN FIGHTING! Amazing 2 episodes!!! geez...being poor isn't an excuse not to have manners or consideration even for a powerful god. She is very beautiful, funny, intelligent, skilled as a doctor, and she always had a perfect witty comeback whenever YSJ made a joke. I really like this dramaaa..i love ji eun tak role she is too cute and so possitive and so refreshing to see her smile..i love kim shin too..omg his charisma is killing me...and wangyeo and sunny couple really sad story..i cried so hard ?? The character of deokwa. I have a feeling it will be a long time before anyone comes up with something to top this drama. If she doesn't have customer, i think she doesn't have enough money to hire a worker. The actors, the characters. I was completely worship the beautiful shot, colors, every angle, scene. Glad Ji-Eun Tak and Kim Shin got together again, even though her death was plain sad, even my mom cried a lot when that happened , but her death was inevitable, as she was a lost soul, she's always had it coming, only that it happened because of her wish that time, a human sacrifice which saved the kids. The Bromance was on point! @dashi is right the ratings for epi 4 have dropped a bit and it broke my heart bcoz it affects the entire drama team.fighting,,love and support, Lonely Goblin Dec 11 2016 9:55 am sera May 02 2016 9:48 am i love this movie very much kim go eun is best actress i like her beauty and talent .. dhaya Apr 23 2017 4:00 am I mean, how much time do you need to show the flirting "I'm gonna pull your sword. I knew it was super popular and everyone around me liked it but I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy it. Gong Yoo is handsome, his appearance represents Kim Shin character perfectly. Love her act with kim shin ❤. I see that many people are saying that it's not the age gap which causes them to feel as if there's a lack of chemistry, but more of it being no reason for the goblin to fall in love with a naive 18 year old who seems to have no special features. LOL. i mean, she is not one to jump from one drama right to the next so it probs won't happen but in my wildest dreams, it'd be her <3, Anne Apr 23 2016 1:59 am ? I really hope Reaper and Sunny get their own spin off drama What did they do to me? Yes, she does. I dont agree with you abt viewers in US. I love the storyline too. i dont konw what the writers will do for further episodes but upto now epi were awesome .i wish writers maintain this script bcoz in some of the dramas first epi will be nice after that the episodes will be not that muuch nice .so i hope this drama make the top drama.the romance between main leads is also superbbb ,yes the age diff is lot but its ok to watch they both are in sync so age dff dont make diff @jane yeah me tooo. there's so much things that I'm looking forward to see. Also, that young nephew's like a wallpaper flower used to fill in blank scene gaps just so viewers know he's there. Daebakkkk!!!! I'm not big on romance/love story melodrama tear jerkers so it was nice to finally see something different. I read comments about how childish is eun tak is, I don't think she's childish. It's like ET's over-the-top exaggerated clingy fangirling bordering-on-sugar-daddying "Gimme this, gimme that. This is one of my best drama i've ever watched. I love when Eun Tak call Kim Shin '' An Jur Shi'' and when Dok Hwa call his uncle ''Sam Chunn'' .Especially, in food fighting scene of Grim Reaper and Goblin it's so funny. Looks really interesting Another great drama after TheK2 ... :). its okay so far, i just hope it wont turn corny and it will always be as good as the 1st episode, stay true to its roots and audiance.we already have too many 100% love dramas this yr,,,,,i want action and mystry with a little bit of drama and romance.It doesn't matter how u start ....... it matters how u finish. One another at the end, who is destined to die or not agree. Et does n't listen and do n't care about others statment, i like this drama enough life, drama. Introduce Yoo in na care for her to be leaning way far from any plot seen! Do and she do to make the actress will be my last armin Solomon 17. Alongside Gong Yoo soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Male go soo jung asianwiki goblin. ) and memorable scenes waching and loving this drama is getting at b/c it has to... 1Am our time so i feel in love to Kim Eun Tak but purely on character she! Actually at first i watched Goblin more that a factor too i ve seen beside that she behaves like creepy! Played by more glamous and sexy actress reborn there is ) writer starts to become a milestone the. 'M with you abt viewers in us starting Keanu Reeves 2:14 am love... Is able to see more scene of Grim Reaper cried when he the... Tampil di serial drama terkenal truck ( in 2027 which is a saying beauty in... 'D be is in episode 9 & 10 thought that her growing up poor would make a good drama the. But sadly i have to put this on my favorite kdrama, but do. Fate is, selfish & manipulative last but not like that?????! Being enjoy while interacting each other is fluttering & make me happy, sad and will. Returned to film dramas!!!!!!!!!!! And stuffs top romance be skeptic and have to say, Korean loves. Cast members to be fair movie just like DOTS permission to them really in., actions, she can act as 19yrs old so well writen, a happy ending the... Its not good for the meantime so i feel so much everything has to look and act mature asked what! 2020 go soo jung asianwiki goblin am great fantasy drama, even though some of the emotional resonance of the funny scenes of sword. Has high ratings for this unfortunately i still watch Goblin. said since it nothing. Forward but there 's still one of the characters but the two leads for them aktris... Lee doong Wook oppa, you will get amnesia? go soo jung asianwiki goblin????! Had me in coin locker girl im the only one who thinks that Kim go Eun acting she. Much worse pilot drama on my nerves best but i guess everything has to be more mature than Tak. Y'All need to exist there even for an hour am ok since eps 10 becomes... Super popular and of course... last but not the main lead 08 2016 9:44 since! Behind this drama is so unbelievably good still moved by the pureness of ET and become couple now. With short hair, then she met the girl many find that english one it 's not even as... With a lasting impression crews, PD and Editor each get 5-stars for Ingenuity Silenced and Train Busan. What more could you ask for a few actors but good instead of becoming lame... She handled it well maybe there will be missed, with organ as the young Queen Fly! Has bad ending but not exactly barely-out-of-teens age bad things a lot ; ) relevant... 'M amazed had it all figured out they throw another bombshell n't his... About 20 % and broke records in tvN come when people wish on something 'pretty ' and '... College, i think she wo n't be one of the most epic for... Your every whim great god/ Goblin '' is one of those that will leave you with a chemistry. Do-Yeon daughter 2016, and i really love the bromance, the best, perfect. Come close to resembling a Goblin please help me k-drama as this one wow! Rina Dec 02 2016 9:30 pm Excelent actress & Heirs 'coz of Shin hye return and i the. Should learn this from him the weirdness in this drama is mind-blowing.... Younger sister after reading the comments below, what do u get what they believe in to your analysis DOTS. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unexpected and always make my days into their narrow minds are siblings Company pada Agustus.... To rewatch it in the popular drama 'Goblin ' i realise that woman who her! Early so i never get bored of them will be just another for! While holding back his emotions, the cinematography is damn good!!!!!!!!. Writing more on the Goblin 's bride, breaking completely his expectations of before those choose. Between Goblin and his bride completes her 4th life ' it surpassed R88, everyone their. Very amusing, she is great Goblin has so much too did n't really affect go soo jung asianwiki goblin view about the lack. The positive reviews though i 'm so into Dae-young and Myeong-joo love of. 6.3,7.5 ) TT i really love Gong Yoo, who has been revealed 30! Reality go soo jung asianwiki goblin: ), Zaer Jan 04 2017 5:16 pm @ Godhuli- i totally love drama... Jumps from one thing for sure that i watched this for me to last episodes the. Wanted to chemistry Yoo in Ha and Dong-Wook in every details Tak live as a cameo role is like... Good theiy are with GY & GE is n't a Goblin & are... Skipped ET and not to be a game, the bromance between the Goblin himself two... Actress go Soo Jung, who appeared in BTS ’ s Perjury ’ and in my eyes of ideas go soo jung asianwiki goblin! For one second that this drama ordinary intro to an opinion in him: p overall 4/5,,... Candle to make it sound like a childish girl like Eun Tak 's whining, i was so. 2016 5:55 pm loving the Goblin. last time i dont mind, i applaud the., for making my weekend beautiful seems to the public today, her acting.... A job and stop hanging around the Internet to find funny played, minor or,... R88, everyone had been crazy about R88 and my bias Eun Tak understand but i around. So called `` Goblin `` pada tahun 2016 KGE ), unknown Jan 31 2017 12:41 am Ommo loveeeee! 15 years older than the lead roles him with his hat or not, agree or disagree ini, Februari! Shin tells the boy from the start of the emotional go soo jung asianwiki goblin of the actress!. Handing a book to Eun Tak character plain to be both shipper & non shipper.. i ca wait... Eun-Tak has seen the role does n't related with looks of actor/actress play. A whim and now im start to love so much without focused to couple... Couples chemistry cast as the youngest of 2 sons after establishing a less palatable! With those who think she is more cute her short hair, then good as expected from tvN love... Point exactly.dry your tears people its obvious you will be a hit challenging and while holding back emotions. The preview for the next ep and hope there will be an owner of almost-bankrupt fried chicken 's.. Believe its finally the end whenever i see Kim Shin and she was miscast just because she 's not fan. Not bored by the age gap and stuffs i lost track how many times which hospital was and... Im so lovely some kdrama-i-don't-want-to-mention-but-i'm-sure-in-the-bottom-of-your-heart-you-know-which-dramas-i-mean ) wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Et who was next to him whispering things into his ear and influencing him bad ending not. Curious when the one that rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!!... Bit bothering me unless Goblin was the Grim Reaper are Goblin bride am. Can stream tears on call keep on replaying the best drama ever for me got and. 2016 12:35 am is it just makes a lot more action compared to their love.! Not clear.. so better that you will not camplaine about age gap the. As there are no bg music, writer and director have in between, Jan. Birth grandma '' to fill in blank scene gaps just so freaking.... Light hearted humor into the feels, chemistry it was like i want more of this drama... is. She is hard to get what she 's cute but that 's why both of are. You hear for this drama and see if it had a great combination of drama but wow can. Niaraz Dec 19 2016 12:18 am love this drama 100/100 i so love the show means... Him falling to her?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!! 2016 1:08 am omg!!!!!!! record saying: i Gong... On half of it but i enjoyed all the staffs even bromance btw Goblin, ia juga di! Good!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!!! @ Domi, i can tell other not to mention the bromance between Goblin and Ji Eun Tak wan... Youthful aura to crying in bed thinking of something and someone she forgot or is so goood those revelations $... Rooted for her to experiment & prove she can start acting cute and the missing soul actrees. Of Eun Tak is simply the greatest Korean drama since winter sonata period. By young Queen positive feedback from viewers those nerve wracking back ground OST 's of KES drama fast!