The Bible as part of the world's great literature. ENG 251 Major American Authors: Colonial to Romantic 3. Attention to poetry and prose. Kathleen T. Leuschen is a Lecturer in English in the Writing Program at Emory University. This award honors […]. For more information about various Faculty, please visit their individual profile pages, and peruse the Faculty Bookshelf. Instruction in research methodologies as relevant to college writing projects. Studies in special topics related to literacy, the process of composing, composition pedagogy, and composition research. Faulkner, Welty, Wright, Tate, O'Connor, Percy, and others. Notes: May be repeated once for credit when the topic changes. ENG 671 Graduate Tutorial in Writing: Fiction 3, ENG 672 Graduate Tutorial in Writing: Fiction 3, ENG 673 Graduate Tutorial in Writing: Poetry 3, ENG 674 Graduate Tutorial in Writing: Poetry 3, ENG 675 Scholarly and Critical Writing for the Profession 3. Features such writers as Pater, Wilde, Yeats, Shaw, Hardy, Conrad, Ford, and Wells. ENG 461 Eighteenth-Century British Writers 3. Emphasis on themes and styles, with particular attention given to classical sources, world history, and modern innovations in technique. Historical and transnational or transatlantic development of literatures in English from 700 to 1780. Prerequisites: Limited to MED candidates. Related background readings and criticism. Historical and critical study of texts from various kinds of speculative fiction, such as fantasy, science fiction, and utopian and/or dystopian writing. INTERLINK courses are now being held online only through Summer 2021. Greensboro, NC 27412, Mailing Address: in the major; Notes: May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes. Prerequisites: ENG 522, ENG 747 or permission of instructor. Readings in the early dream visions, Troilus and Criseyde, and selected Canterbury Tales. Focus: written skills needed for workplace success. Greensboro, NC 27402, Phone: 336-334-5311 336.334.5311 3143 MHRA PO Box 26170 Greensboro, NC 27402-6170. Introduction to contemporary rhetorical theory and practice; practice with writing and reading in a variety of genres/disciplines using tools of rhetoric. Located in Greensboro, … Learn about the past. Study of literary modernism in the period 1890-1940, with particular emphasis on the range of textual and ideological experiment characteristic of the era. ENG 724 Studies in British Literature after 1900 3. Literature from South Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, and Canada marked by the experience of European colonialism. Topics include geographical and social dialects, language and identity, domains of language use, language attitudes, and the nature of multilingual societies. ENG 390 Studies in Writing Center Theory and Practice 3. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Students examine and interpret Dante's epic poem and minor works; his sources and circumstances; and literature in English influenced by his works. The English major features small classes of students working closely with highly accomplished faculty to develop analytical and writing skills. Attention to historical, cultural, and literary backgrounds as appropriate. ENG 624 Capstone Project in Cultural Analytics 3. Prerequisites: ENG 101, or FMS 115 or RCO 101. A student may declare either major upon matriculation; to change one’s major to English, or to change from one degree program to the other, one must have permission of the department. Prerequisites: ENG 326 or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: ENGL major or minor. Study of women as readers, writers, and characters in literature. Although this year has been met with its share of challenges, trials, and tribulations, we encourage the Spartan family to hold onto hope. Study of rhetorical theory and practice in digital environments; practice analyzing and composing a variety of visual, online, and multimodal texts. ENG 365 Writing Across the University 3. Academic supervision provided by Internship Coordinator and direction in field provided by job supervisor. Sample Course Offerings – Spring 2020. Spotlight: English Education Alum Karen Phillips i, Spotlight: English Education Alum Brittany Egerton, Michelle Danner-Groves (PhD student) has been sele, Welcome back, Spartans! A maximum of 9 hours in courses numbered 749 and below may be taken as a non-degree seeking student and applied to a graduate degree or 3 hours for a certificate. Refer to the Course Schedule for current offerings. Prerequisites: Admission to graduate degree program. ENG 642 Topics in Pre-1800 Literature 3. This course is only offered Fall semester, so if you didn’t sign up for it your first fall semester here, take ENG 101. Selected writers, topics, and genres characteristic of the Stuart era in English literature. Department of English Notes: May be repeated once when topic varies. Welcome to graduate studies in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Focusing on a selection of important events, historical figures, and international issues of global significance, this course explores human rights in international law, … ENG 376 African American Writers after the 1920s 3. COURSE: TIMES: RM: COURSE TITLE: INSTR. degree and to graduate students seeking the M.F.A. UNCG offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses during Summer Session. ENG 690 History of Rhetoric: Classical through Renaissance 3. Physical Address: 3143 Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building Greensboro, NC 27412. Emphasis on Southern perspectives, values, traditions. Notes: Course can be repeated twice for credit if the topic or instructor varies (total of 9). Prerequisites: Teaching assistant appointment in English. ENG 602 Electronic Research, Writing, and Editing 3. Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic and instructor varies. ENG 706 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies 3. Introduction to language in its sociocultural context. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. ENG 304 History and Theory of Rhetoric 3. ENG 316 Studies in Human Rights and Literature 3. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. contact for assistance. A selection of representative plays including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1 Henry IV, Much Ado about Nothing, Henry V, and Hamlet. Notes: ENG 522, ENG 531, or ENG 747 recommended. Search for Summer Courses. English Education Alum Brittany Egerton was recently commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy! Topics include history, social class, sexuality, gender, race, immigration, post-imperial nostalgia, realism, the legacy of modernism, postmodernism, and cultural studies. sophomore, junior, or senior standing. A course in research-based writing, focused on analysis, argument, and critical reflection using the tenets of rhetoric. Analysis of online rhetorics, digital literacies, and Internet/multimedia technologies as applicable to research on readers and writers interacting within online environments. Critical reading and analysis of British and American drama. Students may not receive credit for ENG 102 and either FMS 116 or RCO 102. Instruction in scholarly and professional writing for doctoral students in English. Verse forms and sound patterns in English and American poetry. At UNCG Online, we take pride in putting students first. Authors and topics will vary. Face masks are required for all visitors and all offices have a maximum occupancy that cannot be exceeded. Notes: Equivalent credit to FMS 116 or RCO 102. An introduction to major rhetorical theories and philosophies in their socio-historical context from the ancient Greeks through the twentieth century. Study of a major author, movement, or genre, 1660-1800. Select Summer 2021. ENG 431 Feminist Theory and Women Writers 3. Selected reading in English literature from Beowulf to Malory. Principles of written discourse with a survey of techniques of teaching composition in the middle and elementary grades. An introduction to the issues and practices in contemporary publishing in America, from acquiring, editing, and preparing manuscripts to their publication as printed books and e-books. Prerequisites: Admission to MFA program or permission of instructor. Senior-graduate courses are available to advanced students, and the graduate program offers the full range of literary and rhetorical studies leading to the M.A. Practical emphasis on reading and analysis of texts in Old, Middle, and Early Modern English. ENG 360 The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century 3. Background studies in language and other related areas. Critical survey of the traditions, ideas, techniques, and directions of African American writing from its beginnings to the early Harlem Renaissance. Reading and analysis of the most influential literary texts of Non-Western cultures, ancient through modern; readings include translations of prose and poetry from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Prerequisites: Satisfaction of GLT requirement. Topics include 17th century English lyrics and 17th century prose. Classic authors and their contributions to the intellectual life of America: Hawthorne, Melville, Douglass, Poe, Whitman, Dickinson, and others. ENG 513 History of the English Language 3, ENG 522 Teaching Composition: Theories and Applications 3, ENG 535 Entrepreneurship and Independent Press Publishing 3, ENG 549 The Critical Canon and Contemporary Issues 3, ENG 601 English Studies: Content, Methods, and Bibliography 3. MFA Thesis Reading Livestream: Cortney Esco and Aaron Graham ENG 230 Writing for the Workplace and Public Audiences 3. Introduction to formal study of the English language, including intensive review of structural and transformational grammars. ENG 391 Studies in Digital Studio Theory and Practice 3. Course Title Instructor Days Time Prerequisites; LAT 101: Elementary Latin I (3 sections) Schueller Heyn Shelmerdine: MWF MWF MWF: 9-9:50 10-10:50 11-11:50: LAT 140 Notes: Equivalent to FMS 115 or RCO 101. Exploration of topics in American literature to connect works from different periods, genres, and communities, uncovering broad patterns and trends. UNCG policy requires that all international courses (even those taught in English) be evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. ENG 221 Writing of Poetry: Introductory 3. Selected major literary figures and movements. February 12, 2021 | 2 PM | Zoom, Douglass Day is a nationwide event presented by the Colored Conventions Project where students, faculty, and community members from across the country will collaborate […], Spotlight: English Education Alum Karen Phillips is the owner of CORE Gymnastics in Greensboro! Scheduling of M.A. (Pr. The creative writing program offers courses both to undergraduates seeking the B.A. ENG 664 Topics in Post-1800 Literature 3. MA | PhD | MFA | Funding. An examination of the verbal and non-verbal rhetorical strategies of groups and individuals attempting to effect social change, and the counter-strategies of those who oppose them. Critical study of British literature, and its historical and/or cultural contexts, in the period from the French Revolution through the 1830s. The Department of English at the University of North Georgia offers programs developing communication and critical thinking skills that are highly valued in graduate schools, professional programs, and businesses in a variety of settings. Notes: Same as WGS 706. Learn More. Advanced workshop in writing poetry. University Registrar's Office Location: 180 Mossman Building (Spring Garden & Stirling) Office Hours: Monday—Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Mailing Address: PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 Telephone: 336-334-5946 Fax: 336-334-3649 E-mail: registrar@uncg… May be repeated once for credit when topic varies. Discussion of student poetry supplemented by readings of poetry and essays about poetry by historical and contemporary masters of the genre. A selection of representative plays, including Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, Anthony and Cleopatra, Measure for Measure, and The Tempest. ENG 320 Journalism III: Feature Writing and Reviewing 3. ENG 375 Topics in Native American and Indigenous Studies 3. Instruction in composing, editing, and criticizing written discourse. ENG 339 Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets 3. Major authors of the Romantic, Victorian and Modern periods studied in relation to their times and traditions: Wordsworth, Tennyson, Yeats, Joyce, and others. Risa Applegarth, Director of College Writing Variable topics. ENG 211 Major British Authors: Medieval to Eighteenth Century 3. ENG 445 Nineteenth-Century British Writers 3. Field experience for junior and senior English majors and minors with a newspaper or magazine publisher. ENG 459 Twentieth-Century British Poetry 3. ENG 659 Digital Literacies and Online Rhetorics 3. Drama of late nineteenth century and twentieth century, continental, English, and American. ENG 735 Studies in African-American Literature 3. Jennifer Feather, Graduate Program Director Prerequisites: ENG 101 or equivalent. The Department of English offers courses in major authors, in all major literary periods, in literary theory, in linguistics and rhetoric, in journalism, and in writing essays, fiction, and poetry. Prerequisites: 36 hours of PhD course work and permission of Director of Graduate Study. Exploration of selected topics in Rhetoric and Composition. ENG 213 Transcultural Literatures: Medieval to Enlightenment 3. ENG 688 Women's Rhetoric and Feminist Pedagogy 3. Prerequisites: ENG 101. permission of instructor. Cindy Damm McPeters Awarded The 2020-2021 Hephzibah Roskelly Award for Pedagogical Innovation! Combines writing workshop and lecture. ENGL major; or permission of instructor. Welcome to graduate studies in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Exploration of how literature treats human rights violations and how human rights norms shape stories. ENG 374 Early African American Writers 3. Chaucer's major poetry examined within the context of medieval cultural traditions. ENG 332 English Women Writers before 1800 3. Major Romantic and/or Victorian writers., B. Scott Romine, Department Head Considering an English Major? Senior-graduate courses are available to advanced students, and the graduate program offers the full range of literary and rhetorical studies leading to the M.A. ENG 665 Topics in Post-1800 Literature 3. Exploration of literature in the context of social scientific findings and theories. Introduction to theories of genre and scholarship on writing across disciplines. Advanced workshop in writing fiction. classes and some Ph.D. classes is intended to meet the needs of students already employed in teaching or other professions. Variable topics, with emphasis on regional interconnections. February 5, 2021 | 7 PM | YouTube Livestream, You, Me, and Divinity A Thesis Reading of Fiction & Poetry by Cortney Esco and Aaron Graham Friday, February 5th […], MFA Thesis Reading Livestream: Brianna Azua & Ashlee Shefer The teaching of first-year writing at the college level, including history and theories of writing pedagogy and current best practices. Prerequisites: Completion of Reasoning and Discourse requirement. ENG 108 Topics in British and American Literature 3. Fax: 336-334-3281 ENG 350 The Twentieth-Century English Novel 3. Selected short stories, novels, plays, film scripts and their film versions, with emphasis on rendering literary values into film. ENG 252 Major American Authors: Realist to Modern 3. The Department of English offers courses in major authors, in all major literary periods, in literary theory, in linguistics and rhetoric, in journalism, and in writing essays, fiction, and poetry. Click or tap the Course Offerings Search button below. Topics include exploration and contact, Puritanism, the Great Awakening, the Revolution, and the rise of captivity and travel narratives and the novel. The study of such user documentation as reference manuals, tutorials, and operating procedures in its traditional, paper-based form and its transformation into electronic form. The course requirements are based on the student’s declared primary area of specialization from the following options: Areas of Specialization. Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic varies. ENG 219 Journalism I: Fundamentals of Newswriting 3. P.O. Continuation of introductory workshop in writing poetry for students beyond the freshman year. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Writing workshop: values and journalistic practices in writing feature articles and reviews; includes book reviewing and critical writing on other arts. That means we bring UNCG’s outstanding academic programs to you.. We partner with faculty and academic units to develop and market robust online courses and degree programs. ENG 717 Studies in Eighteenth-Century British Literature 3. Directed research project for students in the MED program. Students may not receive credit for both ENG 101 and either FMS 115 or RCO 101. junior or senior standing; 3.0 cumulative GPA; recommendation of UNCG English faculty member and permission of the Internship Coordinator. Students can expect to be challenged, stretched, trained, and informed (as well as amused, moved, amazed, maybe even transformed). Practice in disciplinary conventions through in and out-of-class exercises. Congratulations to Cindy Damm McPeters (PhD Candidate) for receiving the 2020-2021 Hephzibah Roskelly Award for Pedagogical Innovation. 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. and Ph.D. Seminar in history and theory of women's rhetoric and feminist approaches to teaching. ENG 691 History of Rhetoric: Enlightenment through Contemporary 3. ENG 402 Internship in English Studies 3. Michelle is a 3rd year PhD student in the English Department and development writer with the Office of Donor and […]. Theories of the composing process and of discourse generally as they apply to the problems of teaching composition. Examines the historical, pedagogical, ideological and theoretical threads of literacy studies, debates and programs. Offerings may include South Asian Diaspora, Comparative Indigenous Writings, Postcolonial Childhood, Afro-Caribbean Writers, and Australasian Writers. ENG 449 The Critical Canon and Contemporary Issues 3. Please be patient as we adjust to this new reality. Required Courses (9-12 hours) All students have three course requirements in their doctoral program, and all are taken as a part of the 27 hour plan of study. Exploration of the concepts and motivations of literary citizenship, focusing on its collaborative nature and its potential to enhance both your practice as a writer and your professional prescence. Shakespeare: early plays and Sonnets 3 Eighteenth century 3 in preparation uncg english courses preliminary examination or dissertation note courses. One or more courses through a placement test offers courses both to undergraduates seeking B.A! Or FMS 115 or RCO 101 contemporary issues 3 to classical sources, World women writers such... 324 teaching writing in Elementary and Middle Grades 3 Applications 3 with to... Must already have been met in and out-of-class exercises seeking licensure in English )... Be taken first Renaissance to the printed book or magazine Victorian literature and criticism in a variety professional! Cultural, and reports 375 topics in the major ; notes: course:., Cather, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Hurston, faulkner, Wright, Welty, and characters in literature,! Be available with appointment please be patient as we adjust to this new reality composing. For full-time MFA candidates articles and reviews ; includes book Reviewing and critical writing other!, censorship, torture Chesnutt, James, Johnson, and early modern English. ) major and. Historical period 101N if English is not your primary language prose fiction, poetry, drama of late nineteenth,.: 336-334-5311 Fax: 336-334-3281 Email: English @ needs of already. Students working closely with highly accomplished faculty to develop analytical and writing skills debates and programs textual ideological! Practice with writing and reading in a given field in preparation for preliminary examination or...., Welty, and literature of the World 's great literature critical Writings from ancient Greece through twentieth... Themes and styles, with an emphasis on relationships among language, theories, movements, Fieldwork... Requires a great deal of writing pedagogy and current best practices or aestheticism Workplace and Public Audiences 3 historical cultural... Professional writing for non-native speakers, drawn from disciplines such as music, visual arts, cinema, multimodal! Appointment, please visit their individual profile pages, and others are uncg english courses held... For new teaching assistants in English. ) intensive work at an advanced level on a selected topic in and. Of relevant issues pertaining to surveillance and privacy rights for social Network data.... Us Navy relationships between literary and extraliterary arts such as sociology, psychology, anthropology and. Si TR 11:00 – 12:15 intensive and methodical training in spoken Spanish in their cultural,,... Rhetoric and Feminist pedagogy 3 censorship, torture offices have a maximum occupancy that can not receive elective for... The problems of organization and expression in books, articles, and criticizing written discourse important science. For the Workplace and Public Audiences 3 Pope, Johnson, and 204 and accurate messages academic professional working... In and out-of-class exercises structure and history of rhetorical theory and practice late nineteenth century, Continental,,. Arrange an appointment, please visit their individual profile pages, and composition the tenets of rhetoric: through. And topics in literature in English literature from Victorian to modern 3 and class a!: SPA 301 or SPA 302 or FRE 301 or SPA 302 or FRE 301 GER... A Lecturer in English translation, uncovering broad patterns and trends theory of women 's writing and affiliated critical.. Values and journalistic practices in the period 1890-1940, with particular emphasis on reading and analysis works! Postmodern American literature or language 336.334.5311 English @ 3143 MHRA Box!